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World Food Prices Fell Slightly In April

Notice from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN ( FAO ) shows , world food prices fell in April .

The food price index was 216.7 in April , also in March of 217 . Although extremely small drop , but this is the first time in 15 months , the index of world food prices lower than the previous month .

April last year , the new index at 141.7 .

FAO said that this index had positive signals , but also be careful . Many analysts warn that the factors causing food price increases still remain.

Food price index is the average of the price index type of meat , dairy , cereals , oils and fats, sugar , with weights based on market share of exports in the 1998-2000 period . It is the FAO expert calculations on 55 items .

He Abdolrea Abbasian from FAO said , since the beginning of May , the food situation has a positive sign , the most obvious prospects of wheat production will rise over last year .